Important Announcement
SME Special


  • The unit should be working/in business since last 3 years & with profit. New units may also be entertained selectively on the base of their credit worthiness, worth & market Reports.

Rate of Interest

Repayment Period

  • Cash Credit - On demand / it is to be renewed yearly.
  • Term Loan - Repayment will be in 39 to 60 Month.

Proposal Processing Charge

  • 50% Concession PPC & EM charges.


  • 25% of the Requirement.

Max & Min Loan:

  • Maximum: Up to 10 Lac.


  • Max 6 Month.


  • Primary
  • Hypothetical of stocks & Receivables.
  • Collateral
  • Hypothetical of Machinery /asset to be purchased.
  • Loans upto Rs.2.00 lakhs, must be covered under CGTSME (Except Retail Trade, Edu Institution)
  • Loans above Rs. 2.00 lakhs & upto Rs. 10.00 lakhs with 100% collateral by way of Equitable Mortgage or LIC policy, NSC, KVP etc.
  • For any Loans to Retail Trade, Edu Institution 100% collateral by way of Equitable Mortgage or LIC Policy, NSC, KVP etc.
  • NO TPG:- Required if the self/partner's property given as Mortgage