Important Announcement
For Salaried Person of our Bank


  • Applicant who is major, must be Resident of our service area village/town, preferably existing customer or reputed and known to the Bank fulfilling KYC Norms having saving bank A/c with the Bank.

Rate of Interest

Repayment Period

  • For CC/OD:- within 12 months. Limit Renewable every year.
  • For DL:- Repayment should be made within 3 years in monthly/Quarterly/Half Yearly/Yearly installments coinciding with the harvesting & Marketing seasonal generation of income from the business Activity. Interest to be recovered as & When applied.

Proposal Processing Charge

  • 2% of sanctioned limit is to be recovered on the date of disbursement & there after annually on same date.


  • 20% of advance value.

Max & Min Loan:

  • Minimum: Rs.5000/-
  • Maximum: As per purity & weight of Gold ornaments.
  • No Loan should be given against below 18 carat gold ornaments


Not Applicable


  • Gold Ornaments will remain as pledged to the bank.