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Chairman's Message

From the Chairman’s Desk

Dear Colleagues,

I am extremely delighted to see all round growth in various business parameters. Let us have a glimpse over half year ending September 2017 figures.

Sr.  No.


As on 30/09/2016

As on 31/03/2017

As on 30/09/2017

Growth over March (%)



3625 Cr.

4376.18 Cr.

4572.68 Cr.



Loans & Advances

2651 Cr.

2675.23 Cr.

3191.38 Cr.



Total Business

6276 Cr.

7051.43 Cr.

7764.06 Cr.



Gross NPA

24.52 Cr.

9.92 Cr.

48.87 Cr.



Gross NPA%






CASA Ratio






CD Ratio






Gross Profit

55.10 Cr.

117.82 Cr.

64.14 Cr.



Net Profit

25.51 Cr.

38.58 Cr.

59.14 Cr.



I heartily congratulate all the staff members for your dedication and contribution towards addition in new KCC loan accounts during the crop loan season. We have added 18388 new farmers this year resulting in addition of agri. business of Rs. 236.85 cr. The renewal percentage at 89% is also good. NPA is a real worry and increased alarmingly. Though it is partly explained by some large value SSI accounts becoming NPA, we need to put in extra efforts to keep NPA under control. In this regard, branches to make every effort to renew NPA KCCs, issue SARFAESI notices, take possession/ dispose off wherever applicable.

Recently, NABARD Audit and sponsor bank Management Audit were conducted very smoothly and successfully with support of staff from Head Office, Regional Offices and Branches. Management Audit has awarded A rating to us and NABARD rating is yet to be known. One more historical event we observed during the quarter was SBI MD Shri Dinesh Khara visited our Bank on 31st July, 2017. We are privileged and can take pride that ours is the first RRB chosen by him for visit amongst all the SBI sponsored RRBs. He was quite satisfied at our Banks progress.

On the auspicious day of commencement of Navratri i.e. 21st September, 2017, we have shifted Banks Head Office to LIC Building in a better area. I am sure this corporate look of our office will enhance our brand image/ perception amongst public and will boost staff morale.

Banks Personnel Department has successfully completed the recruitment process for Officer and Office Assistant post in the Bank under IBPS. On training front also, various staff members are being trained in their areas of operation during in house training programs as well as training institutes at out of state, which will enable them to work more efficiently and effectively. With an objective of creating cordial & friendly environment in the Bank, a cultural event Swarmadhurya is being held every year by P.R. Committee of the Bank, which really provides a good platform to all staff members for showing singing talents. I am happy that vast number of staff and their family members enjoyed Swarmadhurya 2017, which was arranged on 30th July, 2017 at Rajkot.

Our Bank is one of the best RRBs sponsored by SBI in various parameters particularly zero net NPA and very minimal gross NPA i.e only 0.37% of total advances as on 31/03/2017, growth in deposit as well as in advances during 2016-17, which is because of the relentless efforts put in by every staff member. Industrial relation in SGB remained cordial since long, however it is duty of each employee to ensure to continue the same tempo and IR and not to allow at any cost to impair the same, which may adversely affect the overall business and image of the bank in the eye of stake holders.

Banking is a job of marketing. Each staff has to be a good marketing person. Marketing is basically passing on your conviction to the next person. We need to be well equipped as an investment and taxation expert. Layman visiting to bank expects us to be one. In this regard I urge you to acquire qualification of CIFs, SP, AMFI and sale the cross selling product to rural masses. Cross Selling has immense potential and no constraint of capital or risk of NPA or diminution in value like investments, if done correctly and with right spirit it can create wealth for customers as well as Bank.

In the recent past social media such as Facebook, SMS, Whatsapp has gained popularity. It can be both boon or bane, it can be a great time waster. Staff should be cautious while being part of the same and ensure that in no way it harms the institution or spreads a bad word about it. Our loyalty has to be always to the institution and we should take pride in contribution to institution. I feel we should work in self motivated manner as if we are owners of the business and not only servants without initiative.

Last but not the least, I would like to give message to all staff members through this magazine that be alert, vigilant and capable in this competitive environment. Please remember knowledge is power. Try to update yourself with all the latest guidelines and circulars issued by Bank as well as updating technological skills is must in the current digital era. Further, Small and Payment Bank have started operating in our area, which will be our competitors in days to come. Please put in your best efforts for customer retention and excellent customer service, which will not only improve Banks image but also give you inner satisfaction towards your efforts for upliftment of organization.

Wishing you all the best.

With warm regards,


 (C. B. Sawant)