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Chairman's Message

From the Chairman’s Desk

Dear Colleagues,

What a fantastic year 2016-17 has been!!! Congratulations to each one of you for your contribution to growth of overall business of the Bank. I feel proud of my SGB team & once again I heartily congratulate all for achieving extra ordinary results. Let us have a glimpse over the figures …!!

Sr.  No.


F.Y. 2015-16

F.Y. 2016-17

Growth (%)



3188 Cr.

4376.18 Cr.



Loans & Advances

1994 Cr.

2675.25 Cr.



Total Business

5182 Cr.

7051.43 Cr.



Gross NPA

10.51 Cr.

9.92 Cr.



Gross NPA%





Gross Profit

38.68 Cr.

117.82 Cr.



Net Profit

16.70 Cr.

38.58 Cr.



CASA Ratio





CD Ratio





Income tax paid





In fact operational profit of our Bank has grown three times and due to tax efficient liberal provisioning (We have excess provision in NPA to the tune of three times gross NPA and mark to market provision of Rs. 21 Cr), net profit seems on lower side. Good profitability enables us grow especially when fresh capital is not forthcoming. The team has made extra ordinary efforts on NPA front and achieved spectacular results despite adverse conditions.

I am sure these are unbeatable figures and despite having lots of difficulties during the period of demonetization, all of you have worked hard and I, as a Chairman, feel proud that all of you have tried whole heartedly for the excellent customer service and resultant least customer complaints. Demonetization period, I am aware, was a trial and all of you have given maximum to the Bank. You have not bothered about personal problems and worked up to late hours to accomplish our social responsibilities towards distressed citizens. The non availability of adequate currency and non functioning or partial functioning of ATMs had added to woes of customers as well as staff. I am happy that we have successfully overcome all the hindrances. With this team work, SGB has successfully completed Jandhan, Mudra and demonetization initiative of Government of India. Congratulations.

Month of March is also a special month as world celebrates 8th March as International Women`s Day. What really inspires me of a woman is the way she manages her personal and professional life so well!!! It`s the woman who is making the difference to so many lives. The willingness to listen, the patience to understand, the strength to support & the heart to care, that is the beauty of a woman in our life in the form of mother, sister, wife or daughter. In our Bank, I feel happy that Women`s Wing is working for the welfare of all lady employees of the Bank.

First time in the history of our Bank, we had arranged a cricket tournament for staff members as well as some team building games for women staff members on 25th & 26th March, 2017. This, I am sure, will increase team building and add to health consciousness among our staff.

In today`s ever changing market place, ongoing job training is indispensable to keep organization competitive. To improve efficiency, team morale and human relations in our institution, we have trained 76 Officers at various outside training institutes and 216 Officers, 314 Office Assistants and 113 Office Attendants at our in house training programs in financial year 2016-17. Ongoing training will give the ability to adapt to changes resulting from increased diversity in the workforce as well as enable staff members to respond to technological changes.

I am happy to share that 12 MDRT challengers and 1 COT among the only 3 COTs in pan India have qualified from our Bank by canvassing SBI Life Insurance business during FY 2016-17. They are also qualified for foreign educational tour along with one Regional Manager. Further, we have collected 95% renewal premium for SBI Life Insurance. In SBI General also, we have achieved 100% growth in PAI and total business has grown by 43% during the year. This year we have also tied up with UTI mutual fund for marketing mutual fund business. I congratulate all for contributing to fee based income of the Bank.

Customer is the heart of our business. Never go for unhealthy arguments or deficiency in service to our esteemed customers. I believe that instead of spending on paid advertisement or marketing, invest in customer experience/ customer service and let our customers do the marketing for us through word of mouth, a satisfied customer adds many.

During the year, there are some positive developments on staff front. We have got good numbers of allotment of staff as requested and procedure has been completed by year end, 46 Officers and 70 Office Assistants have joined and hope to increase in this numbers. This, I am sure, will enable us open new branches during Financial Year 2017-18. (We could not open a single branch during FY 2016-17 for want of staff.) Thus, one of the two main constraints for business growth viz. staff and capital, on staff front, there is some relief. The second that is capital, there is no progress so far but partly we can substitute it with profitability, which has been good this year.

My best wishes to all for new financial year 2017-18.



 (C. B. Sawant)