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Chairman's Message

From the Chairman’s Desk

Dear Colleagues,

What a great year 2015-16 has been…!!! Congratulations to each one of you for great achievement especially your vigorous efforts to reduce NPA and growth in overall business of the Bank. Team SGB has worked very hard and hard work always pays...!! I feel proud of SGB team for the historical achievement in NPA reduction. Once again I heartily congratulate all for contribution towards the journey of Bank’s growth and achieving extra ordinary result despite recession like situation across the globe. Let us have a little glimpse over the figures …!!

Sr.  No.


F.Y. 2014-15

F.Y. 2015-16



2625 Cr.

3188 Cr.


Deposits growth %




Loans & Advances

1621 Cr.

1994 Cr.


Loans & Advances growth %




Total Business

4246 Cr.

5182 Cr.


Total Business growth %




Gross NPA

15.46 Cr.

10.21 Cr.


Gross NPA %




Net Profit

26.06 Cr.

18.30 Cr.


I am sure these are unbeatable figures (except net profit for which there are valid reasons) and national averages are going to be no where near us. Great.


I believe one of the most essential initiatives for Human Resource development is staff capacity building. We have trained many of our staff members at various institutes covering wide areas such as routine banking matters and soft skills development, which is very fruitful investment for the institute. Recently, we had arranged four days training program on self development in association with Quest Institute, Mumbai, which was very effective. In financial year 2015-16, we have trained 104 Officers at various state training institutes and 370 Officers + 40 Office Assistants have been trained at our in house training programs.

Cross Selling

I am happy to share that our 19 employees are qualified as MDRT Challenger including a lone Star MDRT among all SBI sponsored RRBs in SBI life insurance business in the FY 2015-16. They are also qualified for foreign educational tour along with 03 Regional Managers. I appreciate performance of all employees for sourcing life and general insurance premium which provides financial security to our clientele in addition to fee based income to the Bank.  Further, I urge all to qualify for mandatory examinations for the cross selling business covering SBI Life, SBI General and SBI Mutual Fund products.


We have to work tirelessly to improve ourselves to meet the needs of our dynamic society and face emerging competition. I firmly believe that our people are the key to our success and we take measured steps to build skill and efficiency of our staff to help them achieve their professional goals. Last but not the least, I take this opportunity to thank our valued customers, whose continued patronage and confidence in our Bank inspires us to extend the best of services and enables us to provide value for their money.  I dedicate a tag line, (borrowed from “Quest institute”) for my all staff members: “Never say NO to customers, just make it happen.” Let us make it happen, let us spread happiness.


Lastly, I would like to conclude my message by congratulating once again each staff member for working hard to get glorious figures in the balance sheet of financial year 2015-16 and wish each one of you will continue to work with same zeal during the days to come and add value to customers and strengthen this institution.

My best wishes,


 (C. B. Sawant)